Innovation delivers holistic short and long term TV advertising outcome measurement via Adgile’s performance management platform for TV advertising, Catalyst.
Adgile, the next generation performance management platform for TV advertising, today launches its Long Term Effects Attribution product to the Australian market. 
Delivered through its cloud-based performance management platform – Catalyst –Adgile’s Long Term Effects product complements Adgile’s existing Short Term Effects attribution capability, to offer holistic TV advertising measurement to advertisers, that embraces new forms of data and multiple dimensions of analysis – a direct response to industry demands for a Total TV view on multiple planning and performance outcomes.
Adgile’s own research indicated that advertisers place more than 60% of their TVinvestment against objectives, advertising creative, and planning and buying activities that are designed specifically to generate long-term business growth and value.
This contrasts with the present industry attribution product offerings that tend to only consider short-term interests, leaving a significant amount of spend on screen that could potentially be wasted. Not only did this highlight a major performance management issue for advertisers, it also pointed towards a clear capability gap of the TV measurement industry.
Developed in partnership with a number of existing clients, Adgile built their Long Term Effects product from the ground-up, creating a new way to ingest relevant data sets agnostically, and the ability to conduct multiple experiments and A/B tests via machine learning, across extended periods of time, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly. This analysis introduces discrete combinations of planning variables, such as advertising creative, context, programming, channel, dayparts, regions and demographics – revealing previously undiscoverable sources of growth and in-channel optimisation opportunities.
Claire Butterworth, Interim Head of Investment at GroupM, said of the Long Term Effects product: “All CMOs know how vital it is to invest in long-term growth, and TV advertising is an effective place to do that. An attribution solution that can provide a holistic view of long-term investment and aide optimisation and measurement is a great tool for marketers to have in their toolkit.”
Adgile’s Global Head of Product, Isaac Stefaniw commented “We recognised that brand and business objectives must come first with any attribution capability. Digital metrics of course have a valuable role to play, but they will not help brands optimise their TV advertising to address key longer-term performance questions that consider consumer attitude, behaviour, awareness, intent and sales – whether online or offline.”
He continued, “Bringing accountability to advertising holistically required a unique solution that could go beyond short term performance, and reflect the bigger picture and power that we all know TV can deliver – this is ultimately the value that Adgile’s Long Term Effects product creates.”
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